What's new

What's  new



Flat for ceilings with pink dye

A premium quality product, Sacal’s Flat for Ceilings latex paint rolls on pink and dries to white, letting users see clearly which sections have already been painted.


Kitchen and Bathroom

Our new Kitchen and Bathroom paint combines the chic of a soft sheen with a rugged finish that is ultra washable and mildew resistant.


Exterior paint

With its beautiful finish and exceptional durability, Sacal exterior paint is the preferred choice for outdoor projects.



Corrostop Metalmaster

The new Corrostop Metalmaster electrostatic paint gun is the effortless way to paint and protect metal. 4 times faster than a brush, it is ideal for fences, garden furniture and other exterior metal surfaces.


Exterior Stains

Discover our brand new line of superior quality stains for a stunning outdoor décor !